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Default Introducing a newbie

Howdy everyone. I wanted to say what up. This is the first thread in my entire life. I always come to this website but I finally became a member. I believe I can contribute to the discussions. Anyways, I am married and have with five kids.
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Hi 10 chars
have a good day sir
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hello there kennedy welcome to ninja manager my names shywhitefox but you can just call me shy or fox i hope you have a wonderful time playing the game and looking at the forums

also i would like to point out this tread is in the wrong section and should be "introductions" but since its your first thread i'm sure some will look past it i hope you enjoy yourself

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Welcome to Nm ;)
Hope u enjoy your stay,
If you ever need any help dont hesitate to ask ;)
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Welcome, foolish mortal.
I am Katashi, the one-man army!

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