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Nice guide!

Wish it could be stickied, its quite complete.
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Nice guide. This is for newbie ^^
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You misspelt Country on Fire Earth and Wind by the way.

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a Very helpful guide for newbies and a good quick reference for the experienced players planning a new team. Could be better if you can sub categorize the ninjas in "by ranks:" , "by country:"
Fire Counry - 3 Crystals (2nd Country)
- New teritory on World Map! (Bijuu Island)
- Mysterious monsters was found inside Bijuu Island! (Bijuu Cavern)
- You have achieved a new rank! (Silver rank)
- You have gained +10 chakra! (Chakra: 70 I, 64 II, 61 III, 58 IV, 55 V, 52 VI)
- Kages!
Shodai Nidaime after Silver Rank
- Jounins!
Kisame Available in Hidden Sound after having completed Fire Country
Fire Country: 3 crystals
yadda yadda yadda
By country:
Kisame .....

By rank:(silver)

Or you can make a separate section entirely regarding ninja's by rank.... that will allow you to make the crystals in countries as (+1 crystal) rather than being too specific

Other than that a few summon "purchase" locations aren't mentioned. Its an advice not an order, so it your call if you are willing to implement it.... Cheers ^^
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