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Emiri Kimidori
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Well, it should be left to die.

Sasuke’s abilities are fine comparing to many other ninja, so petitioning for Udon-dono to boost him really is pointless. Especially considering that Udon-dono showed no inclination to change any ninja’s abilities, no matter how underpowered (Temari, Shino) or overpowered (Hidan, Danzou) they are. An average ninja like Sasuke would have a very low priority to have his abilities ever changed.
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Candy Girl
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i disagree by changing anything on sasuke

he is totally fine, and i used him on a hardmode lineup because he fits it really good

fng fng fng , fnj sasuke/naruto ebizou/chiyo Gobi.

i think there are other ninjas people should focus more on..

i do understand that your a sasuke fan, that just want to see him pownsome as you see him in the manga/anime, but nope.. he will be TOOO OP ,and people will whine over it again, and it will fall down again

so its just waste of time and effort,
+ if you really want sasuke, then get him as a fng fnj fnk(in future), and dont think too much on abilities,you really only use them on eairly game, later on just give him Lw's

i know this thread was dead xD dunno why i posted

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Originally Posted by Isaac0 View Post
Candy just posted the 30 000th Post in the whole "Clans" section of the Forum :O
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Old 02-11-2012, 08:26 AM   #23
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Originally Posted by shywhitefox View Post
daven i can see where your getting at here but sasuke doesnt really need the names of his abilitys changed i know he has way more powerful moves and he is a very popular character but it would be to much of a hassle for udon to change his move set for all the different sasuke's and i'm sure he has enough trouble with the new FNJ coming soon but it was a nice try but once this all blows over hopefully udon will see this and give it some consideration good work by the way making your thoughts and ideas known.
Changing his move-set wouldn't be too much trouble, I'm fairly certain he'd only need to change 1-2 codes in the base programming of the game.

Edit: But ehrm.. That's entirely beside the point....
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You really should stopping necroing threads for no reason...

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Old 03-02-2012, 09:01 PM   #25
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Seriously.. a 4 month bump, followed by a 2 month bump, followed by an 8 month bump.

Can we start locking threads that have been inactive for over a month? -.-

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Old 03-02-2012, 10:41 PM   #26
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Because this bump was completely necessary indeed..
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hmm well concerning sasuke FNK the ability cursed seal doesnt make sense..... as in that point in the anime he has the curse seal no more :| (if anyone cares)

and since danzou's abilities have a change then why not
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the Spoiler
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i think the FNK and FNJ sasuke should have diffrent abilities.
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I think this topic has been bumped far too many times with nothing but useless posts.

Rawr. Me smash you die.
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