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Default Please Help...Advice Needed..

My current team is: ( Name - Seal type - Level )
Rock Lee FNG - HS - 36
Itachi FNG - HS - 37
Orochimaru - LS - 39

Itachi - HS - 35
Kimimaro CS2 - HS - 37

Ebizou - HS - 29

Gobi - - 13

My inventory contains :

Blazing Materia Crystalline
Dance of the Clematis
Dance of the Larch
Faerie Cloak
Fresh Soldier Pill X 3
Impure World Resurrection
Living Corpse Reincarnation
Reverse Lotus
Shiney Materia Crystalline
Soldier Pill X 2
Susano-o X 2
The Last Dance
Tornedo Edge
Tsukiyomi X 2
Vitamine Hero Water X 2
White Secret : Chikamatsu Collection

But the problem is I can not defeat the final boss as of now...what am i lacking?should i level up...should i buy something


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It would be easier if you gave us a link to your team :)
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Default this kind of link, your is to "my" team

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From the LWs u have I can understand u are at Medium+.

The best suggestion I can give u is to use the Kyuubi Basher.
If u're at Medium, u can also look at the Event Purple Fox teams.
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agree with Cavillus...go with Basher...then lv you your team...kage and summon of course.

and...y no Luna Sword?...your kage will be truly badass ;)

and lazy
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Right... if you really can't clear it right now (I don't remember levels for clearing medium), though I think you should be able to (just try more times), looking at the team I'd say remove the stamina pill from lee, place his 400 ability in the same place. Give itachi fng a robust instead of fsp.

That's really all the changes you can make with what you have.

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