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Originally Posted by Superbun View Post
I just ran some quick tests on my old event teams using some of the suggested Manda buffs. On certain team setups Manda ended up being far stronger than Gobi... I don't think we should be turning it into a progression summon. A slight buff to 4/1.5/1.5 seems okay though.

As for Gedo, I originally had it 3/5/1 but reduced it down to 3/5/0.5 since Juubi has 0.5 tai and nin immunity down . But due to the recent Lesser Kyuubi buff I think a slight buff to 3.5/5/0.5 is reasonable.

So Juubi should stay as it is, an easy to use camping summon as all its attributes are fundamental for camping. Lesser Kyuubi should have the highest attack as there are a lot of good camping LWs with lots of resist e.g. Aegis Armor. Plus most people don't even bother taking advantage of elements. Gedo at 3.5 is therefore in between.
I second these opinions. Sounds very reasonable.

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Originally Posted by Aenonar View Post
Guess how Teamish shredded my LS nin's max attack? Simple crit damage stacking. Not even a high level summon, added in a couple of +crit dmg LW's instead.
By your reasoning Elemental Advantage needs a nerf even more than crit damage. The % damage boost from having your ninja the right element and availability/quantity of Ele Advantage vs Resist stats gives even potentially higher increase in damage bonus.

Think about the options available to countering Tai Crit teams and think about the options available to countering elemental advantage (aside from last minute element swap).

Just some examples of non-FN that ruin LS Tai's day
Hinata 800 (+ Hiashi)
Kimimaro +400 + KimimaroCS2 +400 + Juugo
Hidan Jounin +800
Hidan Kage +800
Nin Kame summon

Elemental advantage has counters like:
Three Headed Snake Summon
Enma Summon
Baby Slug Summon (lol)
Hanzou 800
Pain 800
... Tsunade/Shizune Combo?

Requiring you to take ninja that cost way more chakra than are worth, summons that do not add any damage (aside from elemental)
You can fairly easily get over 100% Tai Immunity on a BRONZE team.

The most imbalanced thing in the game is probably a toss-up between misslotted level 1 Hanabi with Deathbringer is able to take down Sparhawks level 165 Hidan Jounin and teams that are able to run 4 FNK + 20 Chakra summon.

P.S. I would really like to know the 3 non-custom LW that will boost your Crit damage by over 73% (giving you a higher potential damage output than LS Nin) Or are we to assume that eventually EVERY player will have access to multiple first-place-finish-tier-custom-LWs.

The game needs counter-options to be balanced, not cycle through nerfing the flavor of the month. LS Nin was really popular... oh it's too powerful, but wait... Ninjutsu Immunity teams show up... wow Immunity is ridiculous how do you beat someone who negates all your Ninjutsu... LS Tai and +Attack teams show up (by the way does anyone know any manda campers who still play?)

I think the -Immunity summons were good additions, but what good is capping crit damage if you can still negate over 100% of the ninja's Taijutsu damage? 1000000% Crit damage vs 100% Tai Immunity who wins?
Originally Posted by Scissors
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I know it's extremely hard to swap ninja slots or change the element for one of the other 4 elements to completely negate the damage.. But fixing crit damage and immunity is more important really. lvl5death is also up for fixing with a level difference cap, but like all the others it's just been ruined by whiners pointing fingers away from the topic

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You are getting quite offtopic guys.
Is a better place to continue.
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Was looking through summons list and realized SD is really underpowered compared to other 20 ck summons IMO it needs a little buff, also consider the fact that it takes a lot longer to get especially on FM

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I don't have much experience in LS Nin but I am aware that SD needs a buff, especially for those using it on FM.

First, unlike people who choose the Sage frogs and Gamaken, SD users cannot last long due to the lack of Endurance, which is pretty bad as FM fights last much longer. They not only risk losing a ninja whenever a bad roll comes (which is expected for LS Nin but frustrating in a long fight), but also suffer from less damage output as their ninjas' hits degenerate too soon.

Second, as the only OW progression summon that is not available right after beating AT, SD deserves to be a bit stronger than other OW summons. Unfortunately, it is currently one of the weakest OW summons.

Third, SD is not the only option for LS Nin FM teams. There is also Shima, who gives more attack and some Endurance. If SD wants to be competitive, it needs a buff so that LS Nin players can make a choice on Reroll or Endurance.

Therefore I would say SD should be buffed from 4/5 to 4.5/6. The extra attack to help increasing the maximum damage so that FM teams can deplete the HP bar sooner and the reroll to serve as another form of Endurance, to keep the rolls high.
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hahahah,poor SD has been changed three times in past and will get changed again...
Number 06 beat FM with SD (2x Sannins) as well as number 43 thus i think at least number 06 has a lot of +endurance lw's.

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SD is fine for it's purpose, the downside is that every ninja has to be LS nin. With Shima you get about the same performance but you're not locked to only LS nin

It doesn't really need more attack, 1 more reroll would help out a bit though

And in the end, it's not ls nin or reroll that is the issue.. It's everything else :|

LS nin was nerfed and nerfed and nerfed because it was so fast, then faceroll happened and everything else went OP so suddenly SD and LS nin was left in the dust -.-

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I suppose a boost of 4.5/6 would be nice, SD does seem to appear weaker than every other OT summon, even with my boost it's not really that attractive compared to shima, i would even say at a furthest to go 5/5
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