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Default Naruto 692

HAHA... who told, that Sasuke and Naruto will fight

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Originally Posted by Kanclers View Post

HAHA... who told, that Sasuke and Naruto will fight
*Naruto did a few hundred chapters ago. *chuckles* but seriously, not surprised. i can somewhat sympotize with Sasuke a bit. lots of battles and wars were faught over the possetion of tailed beasts, many people died in the wars because the Kages ordered it instead of seeking peace. It seems like Sasuke wants to kill EVERY single world leader if he has to, and the tailed beasts to so no village will be more powerful than another. Hard to say if he is going about it the wrong way or not as even today its hard to say if we would be better off or not witiout selfish world or religious leaders. It am a little on the fence with Sasuke's decision, but looking forward to the final show down.

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Aaand yeah, told ya that Kaguya will not be the final boss >_>"
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