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Default 255 energy not recived.

my e mail has it saying i got it. the payment went though everything..... i just havnt got my energy. now this isnt my first time buying prem but this is the first time where i didnt get my energy.

i was told to post here i dont know what else to do.

PROBLEM - didnt receive my 255 energy

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Originally Posted by premium page

used our premiums service but not received what you bought? Send us an email and we will fix things as soon as possible! Please provide as much details as possible.

If it has yet to be inserted into the user history or you haven't gotten the ryo/energy yet, please log out and the log back in again. If you still haven't received the service you payed for, please wait 2 hours and then contact us by email on this address:

please include the following information:
Id: 63512
username: Dirnaith
team name: Sixth legionxiix dirnaith
premium service: *insert service used*
pay code: *please write down the 4 number code you payed with, so we can easily correct the mistake*
date and time: *when did you use this service?*
country: *insert the country you text messaged from*
mobile phone used: *insert the number you text messaged from*
have you received a confirmation message to your mobile phone? (yes) or (no)
the content of above message (if any): *insert content here*
have you been billed for the service? (yes) or (no)

emails are generally answered within 48 hours. We always correct any mistakes caused by us such as if the ryo/energy didn't update properly due to server problems. Please note that due to the possibility of different time zones between the player and our support, as well as the constant refill of energy, energy+ services will be converted to the corresponding ryo+ service should we have to manually correct services not being received.

Donations and/or payments of any sort made to ninjamanager to help in the cost of running and maintenance and/or any other premium features made through an online vendor are non-refundable. There are exceptions to this rule however, such as when a minor without approval have accessed your credit card. Contact us and we will do our best to solve this issue as soon as possible. Please note that more than 1 reversed energy payments will result in a (temporary) ban of the user, depending on the amount, while several reversed payments of any kind will result in a ban.


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