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Default Movies

I did not see any thread pertaining to this topic so decided to make this thread.So what are your favourite movies. recommended movies and well discuss about movies.
Lets start.
my favourite movies are
pulp fiction
edward scissorhands
Schindlers list
god father series
Lord of the Rings
Toy story
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You obviously didn't bother to actually search for it...

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Ha the last comment on that thread is nearly 4 years old. Necro-posting on that would of been pointless.

Anyways to the topic, here a few of my favorite movies off the top of my head.

Pan's Labyrinth
Sherlock Holmes (plus the 1984 tv series)
Undercover Brother
The Bourne Trilogy
The Red Cliff
Lord of the Rings
Godfather Part 1 and 2. The third part was just terrible.

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Recently watched Cabin in the Woods, it was pretty damn awesome :D
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Just a "few" ones: James Bond, Trainspotting, Inglourious Basterds, Snatch, Lock Stock and two smoking barrels, Pulp fiction, Sherlock Holmes (2009/2011), V for Vendetta, Fight Club, Oceans, The Hangover. I think I'll just stop here. Neah, I won't. Queen of the Damned, 300, Dark Shadows, RocknRolla, Inception, Hodejegerne,...


*It's for fun:)
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300, predator, Blade trilogy and the tremors trilogy for me
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