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Version 1.5.0 update notes:
- Added the Shinigami mission.
- Health display on the chart now updates instantly when selecting a difficulty.

No lvl 5 death though, needs an overhaul of save files etc, so you just got to pay attention to that... But I bet people will forget about it and complain...

More missions can be added, though since I don't have the elemental formula any mission with an element can't be added, the results just wouldn't be correct... For multi enemy missions the basher would need a slight recoding, but should be pretty simple.. All I need is the health (WM guide got that), tai, nin and seal.

To get the nin and tai all you have to do is beat the mission over and over without any immunities etc, writing down the min and max attack for each attack until you're certain you got all of them. Then to get the seal you need some tai or nin immunity, like 50% or 100% and yet again write down the attack. 100% nin immunity would make it easy since the tai is flat. After that it's easy to calculate the seal.

I can't gather data atm since I have all FNG's and would just get a useless Naruto FNG by default.. So until more FNG's are added I wont be able to get any more missions.

Or you could just pester Udon for the elemental formula and WM data... :|

Rawr. Me smash you die.
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