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The games with quality nowadays are, obviously, the unique ones.

I'll take Dark Souls, my favorite game as an example. I know a LOT of the lore in Dark Souls as I have played through it like 10 times.

At first glance, and even at first playthrough, it seems the story sucks and that there barely is none.

The beauty of Dark Souls, and what I think makes it such a quality game is that the game's story is made out of questions and theories.

In Dark Souls, there are 3 ''Lord'' souls. Specials souls which ushered the age of fire, which Dark Souls is set in.
But, what alot of people don't know, there is also a ''Dark'' soul.

Nito, the first of the dead, claimed a lord soul.
The Witch of Izalith claimed a lord soul.
And Gwyn, the final boss of the game, claimed a lord soul. He split his soul into 2 shards and his very own. The 2 shards are owned by the Four Kings and Seath the Scaleless.

As seen in the intro of the game, there is a fourth one talked about. Not a fourth soul, but a fourth person. The Furtive pygmy, so easily forgotten as the intro states. Nobody really thinks of the pygmy.

NOBODY knows for sure who the Furtive pygmy is. But he is the one who claimed the Dark soul and ushered the beginning of the undead. He could not control it.
There are theories about the pygmy's identity. But nobodoy knows for sure.
All we know that he is human/a humanoid, since in the intro he clearly looks and is shaped like a human/humanoid.

Another popular topic in Dark Souls lore is Gwyn's firstborn. He was once a deity but got stripped of his rank.
Nobody knows for sure who he is. Again, there are just theories.

Also, the item descriptions and dialogue in this game are something to look out for. A simple key can reveal a large part of lore, or atleast hint at a large part of it.
There is this guy, Havel. He is an enemy.
The lore around him is not very clear. From a key you pick up, you can read that he was locked in there by a dear friend, presumably Gwyn, as he and Havel fought alongside in the war of the ancient dragons.
Havel is also a bishop. The only church that had bishops in the Dark Souls universe is presumed to be the church of Thorolund, which houses the Way of White covenant.
The Way of White are followers of Gwyn, thus they follow his beliefs.
This meaning that Havel might be of the Way of White, but, as most things in Dark Souls, there is no direct proof that he is part of that covenant.

There is a boss in the game, Priscilla. She is a human-dragon crossbreed whom resides in a world created for abominations and exiles.
There is a lot of speculation on who her parents are.
The most popular theory is that Seath, a dragon, is her father and her Gwynevere, a deity and queen of sunlight is her mother.
Even more popular considering that theory is the theory that Seath raped Gwynevere. Why? Nobody knows.

TL;DR of this long post, Dark Souls' story is mainly made up of speculation and theories, which in a way, allows the player to make their own story.
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