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Hello guys!
I don't like the fact that my starting Jounin is wasting one of those slots when know I'll never use him again.
Then I came up with the idea to transmigrate him/her.
Just like you do with the starter Gen.
Then maybe more people would plan to use them as an End game Jounin.

Things that happen when you Transmigrate your starter jounin:
*TAI and NIN will slightly increase , and RES and STA will increase drastically.
*The chakra cost will increase from 0 to 12
*Stat points (amount?)

Price: 250-350?

it's just a thought so plz tell me what you think of it?

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I vote for 1000 ryo since they would probably be the equivalent of Akatsuki Jounin at about half the cost. It would definitely be something that might be worth doing in Medium and Hard difficulties.
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