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Default using that naruto team ryo Post-game

I tried searching the forum for a thread like this...
Typed "Naruto Team Ryo"
But when I saw it showed clan threads, IRL pictures, and other threads that are NOT what I was looking for, I lose alot of motivation to look through all those post (or at least lost hope that there IS a related thread... I checked one thread, already forgot what it was about, or maybe I did not check it at all... hold on... nope, not related. that were 20 pages of results, but I did not even look past the first page, so that's my mistake. maybe I could have used more advanced searching methods... anyway.)

My suggestion is for some way to transfer ryo from the naruto team to the main team, cause after beating the game (or after clearing Akatsuki Temple with the naruto team), there is no (good) reason to even use the naruto team after that. So I'm doing stuff with my main team, I look over to my ryo count, and the naruto team has 1300~2200 Ryo (while the main team has 250~). true, most of that naruto ryo is from selling all the naruto team's item, but still, that's like wasted ryo.

of course, transferring some much ryo sound like something that should have a cost (unlike you want to be incredibly nice and give it to us "free"), we should have something that prevent the transfer from being overpowered (or something):
limit the amount of ryo that can be transfer at once (can be annoying and probably require some cooldown period, which probably would that a bit of programming effort (Programmers aren't machines, you know))

Deduce a precent of ryo being transferred (sounds reasonable, but may be confusing when the ryo amount being transferred is low)

have a consistent cost for ryo transfer (100 ryo for one transfer. however, this mean that you would have to transfer a big enough amount of ryo to make the transfer worth it (don't want to spent 100 ryo to transfer 5 ryos))

There are may be some possibility of abuse if the mechanism is not well thought-out (sorry, feel to lazy to make up some prototype... oh wait, I did think about something like "main team gets 1 ryo for every 5 ryo the naruto team donates")

This ryo transfer idea could motivate people to use their naruto team more (an extra source of ryo is alway nice).
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there is no need to make the game easier
have a good day sir
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Originally Posted by xddxdsfiukas View Post
there is no need to make the game easier
I want to put a few things out:
1) The search button is broken as far as I can tell. I have never successfully used it for anything relative.

2) The quoted statement is true however it is way to broad and doesn't explain why your idea isn't a good one.

Now a disclaimer: Everything below here is an opinion and my opinion cant be wrong even though the internet disagrees.

Now why the idea is bad: Naruto team abuse farther boosting campers - Naruto team would be another source of stats ryo (Ryo used to buy stats). Sure you could put a percent of 10% but then whats the point.

Benefit: Nothing. why nothing? Simple the amount of code it would take to write something that isnt abusable would take way longer then the benefit of it is. Also most end game teams dont need ryo at all. With AA camping already taken out ryo means nothing to any team above medium and would only help buy stats. Putting this for all teams and not just end game ones would make it even easier to beat the already low things.
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