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hi master teamish can i ask u a question?.... can u atleast pls put where they can find? :)
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Originally Posted by Anxu3 View Post
hi master teamish can i ask u a question?.... can u atleast pls put where they can find? :)
You would find the answer to that 2 posts back.
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It was the April fools after you beat chuck norris you get that LW
and is AWESOME
it gives you AWESOMENESS and makes you AWESOME :D
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Couldnt find my seleucia :)
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No one wants to update this guide? or is there any better?

Train ninjas and save the world from evil on!
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Here are the missing beginner LWs (Excluding Biju Island).

Fragarch Value:(-24+10,5+10+3,75) 0,25
-24 decreased Attack
+60 increased Elemental Resist
+30 increased Stamina
+15% increased Lvl5 Death

Ame no Nuboko Value:(11+9,5+5,95+6,3) 32,75
+22 increased Taijutsu
+19 increased Ninjutsu
+34 increased Elemental Adv.
-21 decreased Enemy Stamina

Houtengeki Value:(6+4,2+8+4) 22,2
+12 increased Taijutsu
+24 increased Elemental Resist
+16% increased Critical Chance
+8% increased Attack Reroll

Carnwennan Value:(6+6+5+4,375) 21,375
+6 increased Attack
+12 increased Taijutsu
+10% increased Critical Chance
+25 increased Elemental Adv.

Fire Shield Value:(2,16+4,5+11,25) 17,91
+24 increased Fire Resist
+45 increased Fire Advantage
+45 added Fire Damage

Kusanagi no Tsurugi Value:(30-15-9+15) 21
+30 increased Attack
-30 decreased Taijutsu
-30 decreased Stamina
+30 increased Attack Reroll

Ascalon Value:(15+10+4,5+4,5) 34
+30 increased Taijutsu
+10 increased Critical Damage
+50 increased Fire Resist
+50 increased Wind Resist

Flametounge Value:(8+5+2,75+8) 23,75
+8 increased Attack
+50 increased Fire Advantage
+11 added Fire Damage
+16% increased Attack Reroll

Wind Shield Value:(2,16+4,5+11,25) 17,91
+24 increased Wind Resist
+45 increased Wind Advantage
+45 added Wind Damage

Main Gauche Value:(9+12+4,5) 25,5
+9 increased Attack
+24 increased Taijutsu
+9% increased Attack Reroll

Sword of Betrayal Value:(-10,2+12,5+12,5+12,8+30+21,25) 78,85
-34 decreased Stamina
-11% decreased Enemy Taijustu Immunity
-11% decreased Enemy Ninjutsu Immunity
+16% increased Ryo Gain
+60% increased Ninja Exp Gain
+85% increased Item Finding

Dainslef Value:(32-5-6) 21
+32 increased Attack
-10 decreased Ninjutsu
-20 decreased Stamina

Lightning Shield Value:(2,16+4,5+11,25) 17,91
+24 increased Lightning Resist
+45 increased Lightning Advantage
+45 added Lightning Damage

Arondight Value:(20+7,5+5) 32,5
+20 increased Attack
+15 increased Taijutsu
+10 increased Ninja Exp Gain

Earth Shield Value:(2,16+4,5+11,25) 17,91
+24 increased Earth Resist
+45 increased Earth Advantage
+45 added Earth Damage

Water Shield Value:(2,16+4,5+11,25) 17,91
+24 increased Water Resist
+45 increased Water Advantage
+45 added Water Damage

Vajra Value:(32-10,2) 21,8
+32 increased Attack
-34 decreased Stamina

Lava Spear Value:(5,8+7,5) 13,3
+58 increased Fire Adv.
+30 added Fire Damage

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