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View Poll Results: Would you like a new card for FNK Naruto ?
Yes, i think we have many options of having a better card. 3 100.00%
No, i like the current card and would not like it to change. 0 0%
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Default New Naruto "skin" ? (FNK)

First of all i would like to say that this poll is not official as you may already have seen but i would like to see if there are people like me who agree that FNK Naruto skin is a little bit "old". The card is not bad don't get me wrong and i know some people may not enjoy this idea specially those who already have it but with all the new skins we have all already seen like sennin mode kyubii chakra mode etc, we could see a way better and more attractive card of him(do not spoil manga please i and i think other people too only watch anime).

Again i would just like to see how nm community responds to it because i know that many people would maybe not like this idea but id like you to consider changing if we'd get a lot of votes and about 80%+ are for the change.

Apologies in advance if it isn't the right thread as it isn't a official vote i thought it would be in ideas and suggestions but again sorry if i am in the wrong thread.

Edit: And i know that it would require people to make the card and udon is busy with nm 2.0 (wich seams great) but as it is just 1 card i thought you would consider it.

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