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Default Undo button?

lol so I'm all proud of myself getting leveled up to beat Pain, and getting my elements in order, on the mission right before pain, and my Kage is earth element (against the Zetu - lightning) so I start saving ryo to change to wind, which will be fine against Pain, since the last pain is non-elemental.

So I save and save (and even purchase some Ryo to speed things up a bit), and I see not only do I have enough ryo to change my kage's element to wind, but I can set my last remaining ninja (jounin) to the element he needs for the pain fight, so I think to myself, "Self, how tricky are you?" and because I am of course king of being efficent, I reply "Why I am so tricky, I may as well just change both elements right now since I am at this screen and there is no sense in only changing the one and have to come back after beating the mission!"

So thats what I did.. .Change my kage to wind, and my jounin to..... earth.... to fight the lightning mission..... Arrrrggg! Not so tricky as I thought I suppose.. Undo... where are you?!

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Wise men dont need undo! ;)

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haha, yeah.. Luckily I was able to complete the mission by moving some LWs around and then move on to pain but seriously.. I'm glad no one was around with a camera to capture the face I made as soon as I clicked the earth symbol cause I immediately realized what I had just done and I could not believe that I had done it

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Agree with you. Sold Luna once, and the undo button would have been useful X_x

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I'd hate to necro bump, but an undo button is exactly what this game needs. FOR ALL purposes. It could, of course, have a time limit and undo limit per category to avoid abuse, but think about it. "Oh... I just bought a ninja I don't need, and if I resell it, I'll get half value back. I need that other 700 ryo for abilities." >Undo.

Why this hasn't been so much as looked at is beyond me.
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I use my smartphone to play and one time i was buing element for my kage and did not tuch the corect image ending up with wrong element and a bit angry still think undo buton wold be a dishonor for smart and wise people playng this wonderfull game. Think twise before u do something- first rule of nm;)

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