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Arrow Beginner Guide For Noobs!

Beginner Guide For noobs
Ok so you made your first team but you dont know who to get.

Choosing your ninja-------------------------------------------------

We Will start off with the beginning when you have to chose your ninja... many noobs have asked me or other experienced players this question, "Whats the best ninja i should start with?"

The Answer to that depends what kind of team you want to get as a end game team. Do you want to go Low Seal or do you want to go High Seal.

If you want to know whats the Difference between Low and High seal then read the Answer to Question I on Letha'ls Guide

After you have figured out what kind of seal you want your team to be, you might ask whats the best Low/High Seal ninjas there are...

To tell you the truth there are no "Best Low/High Seal" ninjas, all the starting ninjas on the Villages have the same average attack, all they have in difference is their abilities.

In order to help you guys to chose your genins I've created a list of possible Low/High Seal ninjas you can chose from including the village they are in.

----Possible Low/High Seal ninjas------------
Heres a list of possible log seal and high seal ninjas. the way i wrote this is
Starter Genin/Starter jounin

Low Seal
Gaara (Sand) / Yashamaru
Ino (Northern Leaf) / Asuma
Shikamaru (Northern Leaf) / Asuma
TenTen(Southern Leaf) / Gai
Kiba(Southern Leaf) / Kurenai
Tayuya(Neo Sound) /Kimimaru

High Seal
Rock Lee (Southern Leaf) / Gai
Neji(Southern Leaf) / Gai
Sakura(Northern Leaf) / Kakashi
Chouji(Northern Leaf) / Asuma
Temari(Sand) / Baki
Dosu(Hidden Sound) / Kabuto
Kankuro(Sand) / Baki
Sasuke(Northern Leaf) / Kakashi
Jiroubu(Neo Sound) / Kimimaru
Sakon(Neo Sound) / Kimimaru

Either Low/High Seal
Hinata(Southern Leaf) / Kurenai
Kin(Hidden Sound)/ Kabuto
Zaku(Hidden Sound) / Kabuto
Shino(Southern Leaf) / Kurenai
Kidoumaru(Neo Sound) / Kimimaru
Sakon(Neo Sound) / Kimimaru

After you chose the genin you wanted for your team you will do a set of missions in which you will be using only the genin you chose and win all the matches.
By the end of those missions you will recieve a Sparkless Shard of a Random Element (Wind/fire/Water/Earth/Lightning)

Setting up your Temporary team--------------------------------
After that you would be able to create your team.

Take Note: The Ninjas you get right now are not the ninjas your going to use to beat the game, there just gonna help you rank up to get your Endgame ninjas!

Ok The Way the Team's Page Works is that you will have 7 Slots, First three slots are for the Genins, 2 spots after the genins are for the Jounin's, Spot after the Jounin is for the kage, Last Spot for the summon.

You may put a Genin in a Jounin spot but this will cause the genin to lose attack points making your genin need a lot of Stamina so he doesnt lose any attack, same goes for the Jounin's and Kage's. Summons Cant be placed in any other spot other than the summon Spot.

Ok so your in your Team's page and you found a Jounin already posted in one of the jounin Spots. Dont get all happy its only a Jounin. This is your Starter Jounin. As you have noticed you have a Chakra $%/30 below the ninja spot thats the amount of chakra you have to create your team. Your team cannot surpass that amoung of chakra or else the Update Team Button wount respond to your clicks.

Heres a picture of how the myTeam looks like

When you create your team, try to get the team combo for that genin. (Don't get Shigure/Oboro, there starting Stats might look pretty good and their cheap but also look at their side effects stat growth, its pathetic)

Please refer to this combos list the game provides for a list of combos and the ninjas needed to get those combos.

In Addition to buy a ninja you want go to your Village, click on "Ninja Recruitment", then click on Genin,jounin,Kage. PS Summon is in there but you would not be able to recruit them till you beat Water Country.

PS. Buy the ninjas that do combo with your Genin.
World Map-------------------------------------------------

So after you have all your genins and your jounin get passed Rain Country, Now you will find out that you get ryo per each mission and that all your ninjas get the Experience, But you only get it once, trying the mission again will only get you Experience for the ninja that beated the mission and 0 Ryo.

This is What you will see when you Beat The mission first time

This is what you you will see when you beat the mission again

take note this picture has a Legendary Weapon... doing the mission again will not make you get a Legendary Weapon. To get a Legendary weapon you have to beat that mission using Konohamaru trio.
Battle Arena---------------------------------------------------

After your Done with Rain country your next mission would be to do 30 Battles. This battles can be either win or losses.

In order to do 30 Battles you will appear in the Battle Arena. This page will be the most important place on your team because the challenges you send or recieve will affect the level of your ninja because your ninjas get Experience on each battle you do.

When looking for a challenge dont always click on the teams that have less xp then you because you might not get enough xp to even level your ninja. Your goal is to level your ninja high enough to pass the missions not to get the highest "Win Percentage". click on teams that are a bit stronger than your or have more xp than you but their ninjas have a great disadvantage against yours.


Before we continue any further i would like to emphasize the importance of elements. The element you give to your ninjas can in a Way help your team beat a mission or worsen your possibility on beating the mission.

There Are Five Elements they are Wind < Fire < Water< Earth < and Lightning. I put the order of "<" meaning its weak against. Lightning < wind just incase if you think that lightning is invulnerable.

In a match if a ninja has a disadvantage against another ninja Element wise then the disadvantaged ninja will get more hits than the usual. thats called Elemental Advantage.

Elemental Advantage is the Extra Damage if ninja A has a Elemental Advantage against ninja B.

Elemental Advantage can be contradicted if Ninja B has Enough Resistance.

Heres a Picture to help you Remember About Elements by looking at the Elemental Cycle

Ive decided to post this to help you out a little for when Asking for Challenges there. This Chat is available to all new players that just wanna learn more about the game...but most likely the person you ask is probably going to tell you to read this guide or the tutorial.
When you going to Ask for Challenges or Exchanges* you will need to post the link of your team Heres a link of how to get your team link.

*Exchange-An Exchange is the art of giving 2 challenges to a Person Expecting 2 challenges back.

World Map--------------------------------------------------------

Continueing with your way to beating Beginner after you do the 30 matches you will have to Sneak attack all the villages atleast one, After than you would have to Defend your Village 5 times.

(Sneak Attacks are usefull to leveling your ninjas. In Sneak attacks your ninjas will get twice or three times more experience than they will ever get in Battle Arena, But this Fights wont Cost Arena Energy but World Energy. It will cost 10 World Energy per sneak attack.)

(Defending Village is usefull to cut down the tax you will have on other villages. you need atleast 250 wins on it to have 100% Merchant trust, and by doing so you will get 0% tax incase you want the ninja you want.Same as sneak attack it will cost you 10 World Energy per each win)

Naruto Team---------------------------------------------

AFter you Did this mission you will Be Transported to your Sub Team AKA Naruto Team. When your using this team on missions or Sneaks attacks you will use the Naruto Energy.(Energy Spending wise is the same as wasting World Energy 10 per sneak attack and 6 per mission on World Map.)

It is recommended to Waste your naruto Energy on Sneak attack when your not going to use them for the day because as you continue on in WM the oponents get harder to beat, and it will save you a lot of ryo in the future.

So Finish the missions on Naruto team then continue on with your team. After your done with your missions you will recieve 10 Chakra more on your team lifting up the gap from 30 to 40. Then a new place will show up "Water Country".

World Map wise------------------------------------------

Now you might want to level up your team. Dont buy any jounins nore kages that are available in your village and save all the ryo you get because your gonna need them in the Future.

Level your team to about lvl 5-6 before you continue on World map. If you spend a couple of days on it dont forget to use up your Naruto Energy on Sneak attacks.

When you first Start you will be in the Pink Ribbon Rank as far as you get on WM your rank will increase.
after you beat Water Country you will rank up to Bronze

After you beat Water Country youlll have a new map set up called Battle Arena beating this will not help you rank up.

After you beat Battle Arena you will get 5 countries. This is the number of countries you need to complete to rank up

After you beat your 2nd Country you will rank up to Silver
After you beat your 4th Country you will rank up to Gold
After you beat Karakura Castle you will rank up to Red Fox
AFter you beat Otherworld you will rank up to Purple Fox meaning you beat the game :D.

You might not understand about the countries and all that but that will be explained later on in the guide.

By The way each Country you beat your team will receive 10 chakra. When you are going to try to beat the game your team would be costing about 130 Chakra minimum

World Map Wise-----------------------------------------

So now youve lvled up your team to level 5-6 you are now ready to rank up so go to your world map and Beat those Suckers on Water Country. When your in your Naruto team you will reieve a message telling you to chose whether you want to Save or Leave Haku. If you click on save that would mean haku would be in your naruto team but you would not be able to recruit him into your Main team.Chose Wisely on this one.

So you Beat Water Country, now you will see a 1 next to your team name. That number represents the number of crytals you've gotten.

Now you have a new area of mission to beat called the Battle Arena. This is were you will fight the "350 Genins" everyones telling you to buy.

So Beat Battle Arena and 5 New Areas will pop out those are countries specialized in the name their given heres a list of the elements that country uses, and the Akatski Jounins that you will fight there, and the summons you will acquire.

Fire - Fire element users (Ninjas Acquired-Itachi, Kisame) (Summons Acquired-Nin-dogs, Demolisher toad.)
River - Water Element Users (Ninjas Acquired - Konan, Pain) (Summons Acquired - Piranhas, Umibouzu)
Earth - Earth Element Users (Ninjas Acquired - Hidan, Kakuzu) (Summons Acquired - Pakkun, Giant Snake)
Lightning - Lightning Element Users (ninjas Acquired - Tobi , Zetsu) (Summons Acquired - Nin-Kame , Three-Headed Snake)
Wind - Wind Element Users (Ninjas Acquried - Deidara , Sasori) (Summons Acquired - Kamatari , Ryo bird)

Do wind as first Country try to beat it with your genins. if you fail then Buy a 350 genin and level it to lvl 5 or six before trying to beat it again.

heres a list of which 350 Genin and endgame Jounins are Low And high Seal if you want to find out which genins or jounin goes with your team.

Low Seal
350 Sasuke
350 Sakura
350 Shikamaru
350 Ino
Oro Disguised(*Neo Sound only)
350 TenTen
Gaara(jounin) (*Only in Sand)
Karin(*only in Hidden sound)
**Copy Ninja Kakashi(*only in north)
Deidara(*only in Neo sound)
Tobi(*only in Southern Leaf)
**Killer Bee
Kakuzu(*only in Southern Leaf)

High Seal
350 Naruto
350 Chouji
350 Rock Lee
350 Kiba
350 Hinata
350 Gaara (*Hidden Sand only)
Rock Lee (jounin) (*only in Southern)
Juugo (*only in Hidden Sound)
Siguetsu(*only in hidden Sound)
Sasuke(Jounin)(*only in Northern)
Kimimaro(Starter Jounin/Jounin)(*only in Neo Sound)
Kimimaro CS2 (*Only in Neo sound)
Kabuto (CM)(*only in hidden sound)
**Celestial Gates Gai (*only in Southern)
Kisame (*only in hidden sound)
Konan (*only in Hidden Sand)
Sasori(*only in hidden Sand)
Pain(*only in Neo Sound)

Either Low/High Seal
350 Neji
350 Shino
Naruto (Jounin) (*only in Northern)
Hidan (*only in northern)
Zetsu(*only on Hidden Sound)
Itachi(*only in northern Leaf)

*This ninjas can only be bought at this Specific place after beating the mission
**This ninjas need to be Silver for you to be able to buy.

A Suggestion most of the Experienced players give to the noob that ask what summon they should get is Ryo Bird. The reason we say Ryo bird is because we know that the ninjas your going to need to beat the game are over 300 ryo. So Start with Wind Country.

So now you hopefully have your 350 genin the 3 ninjas from bronze and your starter and beated wind . Now buy ryo bird and one of the jounins listed above. Hopefully after beating wind you have acquired atleast 1 if not both of your jounins.

Now lvl your team including your newly recruited jounins and genins to atleast lvl 12 saving all the ryo you get from the challenges.(It is not recomended to buy abilities nore items because your team should be strong enought to beat the next task.)

After you leveled your team chose your 2nd country. IF you need help choosing that country choose the country that has the jounin that your missing or the country your team has most disadvantages against and beat it , then chose the 3rth country of your choice and beat it.

From here take a lil rest from m WM and Transmigrate your ninja.

A transmigrated Ninja is the same as the starter ninja it will just cost 8 more chakra. But in exchange gives better growth's and 10 free stat points, In Effect to the transmigration the Experience the ninja had will be cut by half, meaning your ninja will lose some levels. This is good because it will be easier to level the ninja and get it stronger. Transmigrating a ninja Costs 200 ryo.

World Map Wise----------------------------------------------------

So now hopefully you have 4 endgame ninjas 2 end game genins, and 2 end game jounins. For the next step you will have to level up your team to atleast lvl 16+ including your Transmigrated ninja.

After you leveled up your team to level 16 go on and beat the last 2 countries you have left this will unlock your last endgame genin a Forbidden Ninja.

Forbidden Ninjas-----------------------------------------------------

First let me start with giving a list of FN's and if they are low/High seal and what country you can find with their names

Low Seal
Haku (water type) (Water Country) (young and lonely)
Orochimaru (Fire type) (Fire Country) (young and Ambitious)
Gaara (Wind type) (Wind country) (Young and Hated)
Sasori(Wind type) (Wind Country) (Young and Miserable)
Chouji(Earth Type) (Earth Country) (Young and Hungry)
Shikamaru (Wind Type) (wind Country) (Young and Lazy)
Konan (Water Type) (River Country) (Young and Crafty)
Hinata (water type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Shy)
Kiba (Wind Type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Beastly)
Obito (Fire Type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and stoned)
Nagato (Earth Type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Confused)
Kakashi (Lightning Type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Sharp)
Sai (Earth Type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Emotionless)
Rin (Water Type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Caring)
Anko (Earth Type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Scary)

High Seal
Naruto (Water Type) (River country) (Young and Despised)
Yondaime (Water Type) (River Country) (Young and Gifted)
Rock Lee (Earth Type) (Earth Country) (Young and Vigorous)
Tsunade (Fire Type) (Fire Country) (Young and Flat)
Sakura (Lightning Type) (Lightning Country) (Young and Amorous)
Kimimaro (Water Type) (Water Country) (Young and Bony)
Shino (Earth Type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Creepy)
Kankuro (Wind Type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Painted)
Temari (Wind Type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Windy)
Sandaime (Fire Type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Old)

Either Low/High Seal
Jiraiya (Fire Type) (Fire Country) (Young and Mischeivous)
Sasuke (Lightning Type) (Lightning Country) (Young and Tainted)
Neji (Earth Type) (Earth Country) (young and Arrogant)
Itachi (Lightning Type) (lightning Country) (Young and Murderous)
Yahiko (water type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Protective)
Ino (Lightning Type) (*FN Sanctuary) (Young and Flirty)

*FN Sanctuary is in Bijuu Island

How to Recruit A Forbidden Ninja
1. Beat the Forbidden ninja
2. go to Bijuu Island
3. go to Forbidden ninja
4. get the Forbidden Ninja

Forbidden Ninjas look like this

World Map-------------------------------------------------------------------

Before we continue let me list all the kages that are endgame suited to beat the game and also the summons.

Low Seal Kages
Killer Bee(gold)
Chiyo(gold)(*only in sand)
Orochimaru (gold)(*only in Hidden Sound)
Konan (Red Fox)
Sasori (Red Fox)
Yondaime (Red Fox)
Shodai(Senju Leader) (Red Fox)

Low Seal Summons
Nibi (Silver)
Spirit Dragon (Red Fox)

High Seal Kages
Ebizou (gold) (*only in Sand)
Jiraiya (red Fox)
Hanzou (Red Fox)
Hidan (Red Fox)
Pain (Red Fox)
Sandaime(Proffesor) (Red Fox)
Nidaime(Konoha Founder) (Red Fox)

High Seal Summons
Katsuyu(red fox)
Manda(Red fox)
Lesser Summon(Red Fox)

Either Low/High Seal kages
Tsunade (red fox)
Deidara (Red Fox)
Itachi (Red Fox)
Kakuzu (Red Fox)

Now get the FN of your choice and summon of your choice if its available, including the kage of your choice if its available on your rank. The list of kages and the ranks needed are above.

now level your team to lvl 21+ before you rank up to red fox saving ryo along the way. when your lowest genin hits lvl 21 rank up to red fox by beating the Area that comes after the 5 Countries named Karakura town.

When you hit red fox use the ryo you have to buy as much 800's as you can possibly get. then beat as much missions as you can in Akatski Temple. After this point you should really start saving ryo for you kage if not yet done so and Sprit Dragon if your low seal team. but im Estimating that if you saved ryo while leveling your team you should have about 5000-6000 ryo to waste on your team and so on.

In order to get the Akatski Kages you need to beat the mission were the kage was assigned.

Then lvl up your kage to lvl 18+ and beat Akastki temple and from there on just buy the rest of abilities and pills to survive on otherworld. Good Luck!

Train ninjas and save the world from evil on!

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W O W! Amazing guide!

This wall of text makes my brain hurt. lol
But I can tell its insanely informative. It'll definitely be especially useful for all those newbies out there who know how to read. ;)

You may want to color the section titles a bit. It still looks like a wall of text to me if I don't see any colors. :P

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wow rev very nice.
for the starter genin you might want to rearrange them a bit its kinda messy cant tell which is were.
on topic: this will help alot in all reality this will help me in a way im sick of lookin at the fng page on nm ill just come here to see which fng's arelow or high seal xD im sure this will help tons of people congrats on your guide rev
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Fixed >:o.....................

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Its the best guide thanks so much revenge
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Great guide, saved for later use :)

Low Seal Taijutsu Guide
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using my guide as a decoy to protect yourself from noobs eh? >:D

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Thanks Rev! Woah, it's huge , perhaps add a contents paragraph?

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good idea ill get that going tomorow :)

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Epic guide. (:

I didn't read it , since i'm on medium. But if I would be on beginner , i'm sure it would help me alot. (:
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Sure will :)

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not bad rev XD
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nice one rev :P
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People create forum accounts just to thank you for the guide.. You`re famous . ;o
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Originally Posted by L3Th4L View Post
People create forum accounts just to thank you for the guide.. You`re famous . ;o
Lol at Aissa and Hen
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lol no hana
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i know huh Famous i am :)

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Omg! Guide Pwns! The best! But lol!
This is what you you will see when you beat the mission again
And there is a screen with a LW in it XD
I wonder what will some newbie think* Wow!So if i try mission again i get a LW? :O *
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lol your right i should take not on that XD

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Copy it, delete the thread, create a new one and take all the credit. Yay!

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