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Its found in http://

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Adjust effect: Level 5 Death. Unchanged in mission against opponents with Health. Only insta-kills opponents max 5 levels above you with level divided by 5. Gives +atk on failed death attempt; 50 - level difference. Displays grey skull icon on successful death attempt.
Add effect: Poison. Afflict Poison status on opponent to reduce their Immunities for 3 turns. Starts with 50% reduction on turn 1, then (TurnsLeft/TurnsMax * 50) for remaining turns. TurnsMax depends on buki boost used to afflict it.
Add effect: Focus. Rerolling within 15% proximity of original roll gives a Ninjutsu Focus bonus to current attack as well as permanently, based on your max ninjutsu amount. The closer rolls, up to 10% bonus ninjutsu is added. High Seal ninjas with reroll can become viable with this effect since they always roll the similar numbers.
Fix Hidden Sand village completion not showing properly in Village Progress list.
Set OnDefend genjutsus to OnEnter or OnAttack since the display order is not working well with cost updating improperly (Chakra Shield etc).
Reduce GenProc from HS ninjas having it to 40>20.
Adjust Kokuo summon base stats 1>3. Gate of Death genjutsu 20>15 tai, 10>15 crit. Twisted Mask, Winged Mask 5>10 gen proc.
Add missing material drop for Serpent Horn in Moryo Shrine. Add material drop for Deathly Dust in The Sealed World. Increase drop rate for snake materials in Ryuichi Cave.
Add new LW: Pandemonium Flute and recipes required to craft it.
Slightly adjust HP for two Pain path missions.
Reduce Fatigue Recovery: Augmented Body fat rec 10>7. Spiked Bullet Tank fat rec 10>7. Cursed Chakra Fruit fat rec 5>3. King of Hell summon fat rec changed to endurance for the time being. Human Tank buki boost 10>15.
Fenrir's Fang atk 20>17. MBF-02 atk 15>13.
Genjutsu Unsealing changed from enter to 2nd turn.
Remove rank requirement on Naruto and Sasuke (valley).
Adjust daily stock of premium energy 5>4, still 10 arena if not on highest reached difficulty.
Adjust hard path missions: PoisonImmunity 100% on Sasuke and Zetsu. AtkImmunity 50% on Itachi.
Add Arachne's Arbalest LW with recipe.
Add Giant Spider summon.
Add Celestial Dye drop in Kaguya's Castle. Salamander Venom in Land of Iron. Add Spider Gland material.

LW crafting list here:
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