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Default Regarding Battle Arena

I've recently noticed on my alt that when I first hit red fox rank, the battle arena gets automatically updated to include other red fox ranked teams. The issue with this though, is that it's not localised around YOUR xp.

So say if I got into red fox around rank 2500, I can't see anyone below 5000 Battle Arena xp, simply because there's just too many high xp red fox players. I mean, I personally have zero purpose being able to see BunBun (who I swear never logs off...) and their massive 33000xp team.

This means I can't fight other red fox teams around my xp, in order to try to get the extra ryo as well as the xp for fighting similar level enemies. Sure, it's only 1 ryo more than gold or silver, but it's still very counter productive especially when you get to the point of fighting red fox teams with the ryo bird summon.

Introducing a cap to visible teams would be incredibly useful in this regard. Say, 1000-2000 above your BA xp is the cut off. Or the removal of the xp search function on the Battle Arena Badge and made a default function.

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