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Smile Abilities/Skills

Most of the characters abilites are the same even when the reach kage form which is kinda boring because EX:Naruto has all same skills, Sasuke too and more.We might want different skills for Genin, Jounin, Kage so it makes it more fun and not that boring

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You really should have posted this in ideas and suggestions, but then again, its been suggested maaaaaannnny times. I suggest you use the search function.

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Thumbs up

I was just about to post the same thing in there, but it wouldn't let me. I agree the reason i don't get my favorite FN's is because their skills are so weak.
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I am too agre. FNK FNJ FNG Sasuke was boring. and other who have FNG FNJ FNK Naruto and other.
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I agree with what LeaderSasuke said i am other!

Seriously use the search button. ;)

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That would take an immense time to do. There's just too many genins, jounins and kages available to make it happen, smoothly. There's already balancing issues in the game so imagine what would happen if they added more ninja abilities to the mix.
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