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Default Simplified Chat Rules

This simplified version of chat rules is made to help players to know what is allowed and what is not allowed on chat more easily. Below are rules often violated accidentally so all players are recommended to read these rules.

This version is NOT a replacement of the current complete version, but a more reader-friendly version for players who have trouble finding the information they need in the full version.

  • English ONLY.
  • Be nice to others.

  • NO unwanted stuff (for example: facerolling the keyboard and advertisements, point or money links etc.).
  • Avoid using CAPS (including your chat nick).
  • Don't press the Enter key too often. Avoid posting more than 3 lines in a row unless they're very long. Posting just a few words per line or fragments of a sentence per line is unwanted.
  • NO clan advertisement

Posting Team Links/Gaiamon Links
  • Do NOT post it if:
    Less than 20 mins have passed since you last posted it OR
    Less than 12 lines have been posted since you last posted it
  • In other words, you can only post your link after 20 minutes have passed AND more than 12 lines have been posted since you last posted it. Dead chat is NOT a valid excuse for breaking this rule.
  • Try to keep all your links in one line.

Trading Wins/Losing Intentionally
  • Do NOT trade wins with anyone.
  • Do NOT challenge your own team even if the game lets you.
  • Do NOT weaken your team intentionally to lose to others.
  • Refer to this thread for when training/missloting your team is allowed.

Game/Chat Accounts
  • You can only have 2 game accounts on MAIN server and 1 on EVENT server.
  • You CAN NOT have 3 or more game accounts on MAIN server even if you don't have 1 on EVENT server.
  • You CAN NOT have more than 1 account on EVENT server.
  • You may only have 1 chat account. If you can't get in on it, contact a moderator for help (anon account can be used to ask for help in the main chat in these situations). Forgotten chat password can be reclaimed here.
  • Register a chat account as soon as possible and always log in after that, it only takes a few seconds so not having time is not an excuse. A temp name is not an account.
  • NO impersonation. (Do not pretend to be somebody else.)
  • Sharing/trading accounts is forbidden. (Applicable to BOTH game and chat)

  • NO spoilers for ANYTHING. If for example a manga/book is ahead of the TV series, don't talk about things that is going to happen. Same goes for things that just came out, show some respect and let others have a chance to experience it before you talk about the details, keep it to the basic feelings for at least a couple of days. You can always take it to the forum or private messages (PM) so you don't risk spoiling things for others.

Color and Font
  • Default background ONLY.
  • NO bright text color.
  • Use standard text size and text style WITHOUT bold, italic or underline.

Settlement for Rules Violation
  • The lines that break the rules will be deleted.
  • Owing to an ongoing glitch with Chatango, all lines made by the rulebreaker may be deleted.
  • Reminders or warnings may be given if necessary or in severe cases bans.
  • Failure to follow the rules after multiple reminders/warnings may result in a ban.
  • When a mod/admin tells you to do something you do it straight away.
  • If there are any issues remaining after a situation, PM Aenonar.

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