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Default Gaiamons

Gaiamon,monsters of the earth,created by Udon from scratch(kudos to Udon for having passion in this game). Its still in open beta but basically you start by picking 1 mon: fire, water or grass type starter

Charbon -fire
> >

Kappa -water
> >

Leafkun -grass
> >

You also pick a trainer trait that is equipped. Traits are helpful to a certain group as it boosts their attributes (female, bipedalism,quadropedalism,tailed,armored, fighting, frozen,etc)

Each mon has stamina(energy) to spend depending on the mission requirement. Each mon can be equipped with a gear(which is forged). Each mon obtains an item/s after reaching a certain level. Each mon has a unique starting skill grid and a generic elemental grid. all of this information can be accessed in the gaiadex -> click the mon.

Some mons have a combination attack in battle (check the
list of combos here).

Exploring Gaiamon

World map
There's 10 worlds to unlock by levelling up rank and finishing each world gives you rewards.It also unlocks the next tier/difficulty of that world. Each world has 20 missions that have different stamina and item requirement which are obtained in the same world.

Each time you unlock a new world, you are also given a reward to pick; a new trait and item/s.

This is where you battle a set of 3mons that become stronger as the win streak increases and as you move to succeeding leagues. each time you win certain number of times,you get a reward. You automacally participate in lottery each tlme you win so winning more arena matches means more chance in winning the lottery.

You can also level mons without affecting rank by choosing levelling under lottery.

This is where you can view gaiamons,manage your own mons and traits, see items,history,achievements.

This is a unique aspect of the game. Certain mons can breed new mons provided they are of opposite gender and provided they cannot be used in lineup as breeding takes 24hrs or more. In order to get all mons, breeding is necesary. items can be used in order to hasten or change the color of the resulting mon

There's also sleep option in order to raise DNA or stamina of mons,there are upgrades available for achieving higher DNA or stam.

Another unique aspect of the game is forge. Certain locations in world drop items which can be used to create equipment for mons or useable items. You need higher forge level to create rare equipments/items.

Of course its essential to have a shop where you buy mons,items or upgrades like inventory plus(increases vault storage,lineup or pocket, max traits equipped, etc)

Forbidden Gaiamons
There are also forbidden mons, which more powerful than their normal version, that can obtained by either catching in the world map(rarely appears) or hatching a forbidden egg(a reward after reaching a certain achievement) or by breeding(needs forbidden apple)

There you have it.any questions? try Gaiamon now!

If you have any questions regarding the game or encounter a bug or typo, feel free to ask/post in chat or forum, where you can also find many useful information about the game.

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