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Default Naruto 691

Manga is still here... :)

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that kurama middle finger though.
Well, I guess this is it.
One or two more chapters.

Or perhaps, 9 more to end it at a perfect 700.
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theres gona be a decent length afterstory, can't just end it with, War is over The End.
Specially with characters that we've stuck with all this time :3

Nice chapter though xD
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Woohoo, Tenten for Hokage *chuckles* but seriously, as much as i would love to see that, this was a pretty fun chapter and shows the end truly us upon the horizon...i can immagine MAYBE 9 more chapters, 4 of them maybe dedicated to each of the villages post war, perhaps 1 year in the future, while the remainder being what random people are up to now like Kakashi, the trial of Sasuke Uchiha, maybe a wedding or two, Naruto having his first dinner with papa Hyuuga (can picture him reaching for a sword for some reason), Hanabi, and Hinata, stuff like that. The rest should be good, and will look forward to the end...also looking for for next weeks hour long special in the anime that has Mecha Naruto as well as akatsuki members and Jiraiya since the new game is out around that time *chuckles*

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