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Default something i noticed during the hokage fight...

orochimaru tries to summon a third coffin and fails...

my speculation was that he was trying to summon madara.

any ideas?
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i beleave in the manga or anime it said 4th on the coffin considering the 1st and 2nd hokage had 1st and 2nd on there coffins he was going to summon the 4th hokage but because his soul is with the shinigami he couldnt be fully summoned

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no he couldn't of summoned the 4th hokage at all because his soul had been sealed, the only reason that the 3rd coffin didn't open is because Sandaime stopped it himself. personally i dont really have a clue to whom orochimaru tried to summon
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What wonders me the most, after reading the what one of the big bads said about Hashirama in manga, is how the 1st simply didn't fart and nuked konoha out of the planet during that fight.

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I saw anime and there was the scene about the non-summoning 3rd coffin.
with some sentences about who was in it...but no names.
but maybe translation simply failed.

reading manga the only thing happens is this:
(read 2-3 pages)

Oro count to 3.
but 3rd Hokage stop it.

who was "3"?
nobody, of living character, know.

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