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Default Why.

Madara says that the only one who can stop him, is Hashirama. He, alone, could deflect any attack from the 5 kages, without getting tired.

In the fight Edo Tensei Hashirama vs Old Sandaime, we see a balanced fight, and i must say, even Enma said that Sandaime was old and tired, but he sealed 1st and 2nd Hokage alone.

My point: Hashirama would have his ass kicked by Madara. Madara was lying (?) about Hashirama's strength. Or it has another explanation? Or was just Kishimoto's trolling/mistaken?

sorry my english guys
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If i remember right Orochimarus technique was unfinished, therefore the 1st and 2nd may not of been at full power
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Draggy's right ^.^

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Hashirama Senju

he was also a medical ninja, masters in all skills, from ninjutsu, to taijutsu, to genjutsu
he had a virtual immortal body with his regeneration techniques and he could also create life.

I think kishimoto focused madara as a ninja with hunger of power and destruction
while senju with a dream of peace and protection, if I'm not mistaken.

to me senju was the most powerful ninja because of his ability of survival.
but that is just an idea I'm not sure, I assume this is what kishimoto had in mind.

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when madara said hashirama was probably tbe only one that could kill him he probably meant if he wasnt super empowered if i recall kabuto said he revived madara to a point beyond his prime and since hashirama killed him he was the only person that could kill him right now besides if you would recall madara has been dead for what 60-80 years besides onoki there is probably no one alive from back then (minus that old genin in konoha from the fillers) so since he and hashirama were known as the two strongest ninja in the world he would have no knowladge of anyone in the present that could potentially match him in power either that or it all could have all been a nod of respect he held for the man he held with the highest of regard

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The mistake I've lately been thinking about is something else:

When Madara activates it, Tsunade says "something on this level, to think my grandfather fought against something like this", and Madara later says, as Draggy mentioned, "Only Hashirama could stop it".

So, when Kabuto used Edo Tensei on Madara, he said he survived the battle with Hashirama and then activated rinnegan before dying. So if Madara needs the rinnegan to activate the complete Susano'o, how come he could've used it against Hashirama since he didn't have the rinnegan there?
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Anyone ever thought about the possibility of the writer getting himself caught in his own story and thus making a few mistakes while writing it? Or maybe he realised his mistakes but wasn't able to do anything about it since the story was far too gone and now he's just writing it so that it makes shodaime and madara look godlike compared to the current 5 kages. Just a thought ;O
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this is possible that writer made a mistake, there's a possibility that he originally didn't want to make such a long story, but it became really popular so he have nowhere to go but to change it a little.
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