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Default Crazy Impossible Team Idea...

I've gotten tired of the simple Gobi teams so to mix it up I used Conch King on Extreme and stopped leveling it at 17 and instead pumped up Baku to level 11 or so and found 4 Extreme LWs.

So now for Impossible I wanted a team that is all set before Temple, but still manages to use the Chakra from after temple. For that I decided on something crazy.... LS Tai with a TM starter!

Final Team:
Jiroubou TM (LS)
Kimimaro (Starter, LS, Misslotted)
FNG (LS, Misslotted)
FNG (LS, Misslotted)
86/86 Chakra

So at temple the max chakra is 82, and untransmigrated my team will be at 78. With the proper LWs (Ocrist, Vampire Claw, etc.) my TM genin and Starter Jounin should make for good tanks, while the 3 genins with +6 tai per level should be great bang for buck with Hachibi.

Now early on there are obvious issues. Luckily I have Luna Sword, Gunbai & Revive Armor to give a misslotted genin 160 Stamina. However trying to use my early chakra has presented a few problems.

I intend to go for Giant Centipede at Silver rank to help with the misslot as well as for obtaining my FNK and Summon earlier due to the Elemental Advantage. I figured the best way to also augment my team would be with Onoki as a temporary kage (going LS if he rolls a 9 seal, HS if he rolls 10-11).

Thoughts suggestions, feedback? Right now my biggest obstacle seems to be pre-silver rank as just my 3 FNG will leave me with 20+ unused chakra. I could get an early Jiroubou CS2 (jounin). Even without halving his Chakra I could fit him and a very temporary 4 CK summon. With the combo bonus I could easily misslot my starter Jiroubou into the Kage slot (using the 3 mentioned LWs).

Then the question becomes do I tough it out with Jiroubou CS2 as a temp, or sell him and get Onoki as a temp Kage....

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