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Default Extreme mode Conch?

Anyone have experience running Conch with a HS tai team on Extreme? Considering the amount of LW available I think it could be viable with this setup:

Starter Genin (Lee) 0 ck
FNG 10 ck
FNG 10 ck

FNJ 20 ck
Kinkaku 16 ck

Ebizou 28 ck

Conch 11 ck

Ck 95/95

Or is gobi just the all encompassing king of progression still?
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that's a very unique setup you got there, I think you should try it and see for yourself

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At extreme mode you'll need 2 FNJ,fnj is stronger than Kinkaku and if you want to use Conch King take Tsunade,your team will look like this:
Starter genin Lee (0),2 fng(20),2 fnj(40),Tsunade(24),Conch King(11) 95/95

Event team
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AH I forgot about tsunade, my issue is I took nagato as my first FNJ and he doesn't quite fit the mold for conch king.

Looking at it again though, I suppose I could do something like Lee (0) 2 FNG (20), FNJ (20), 1-tail Naruto/Lee J (11), Tsunade (24), and Gamahiro (20). Giving me a bigger summon. Although getting gamahiro late is meh.

I could also swap ebizou for tsunade and upgrade to gobi from conch too with the extra 4 chakra.
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bad idea to get ow in extreme(like what happenedwith this team),better have gobi then.but no one's stopping you from picking conch :)

this team uses conch king but lacks crit damage lws. 4tai is kinda meh and you need crit damage lws/abs to boost attack unless a gold rank tai crit damage summon is available,it might be as good as gobi see here

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I used Conch King for Hard event and won #19 iirc. The team you planned is pretty good for Extreme, just make sure you keep hunting for Heavy Tai or/and CritDmg LWs and you will be able to beat Extreme with good clearing levels.

If you are new to HS Tai then you need to be aware of the difference between pure HS and HS Tai. They both start very stable at the beginning, but HS Tai starts to play like LS (with a still stable base) when your Conch is high enough to give you frequent Critical Hits.
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