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Default Unique Forbidden Mode Team Idea

Rokubi 16ck

FNK Shodai HS 30ck
FNK Nidaime HS 30ck
FNJ Itachi HS 20ck
Hidan HS 20ck
FNJ Killer Bee HS 20ck
Starter Jounin HS 0


Beat Kyuubi - gain 10ck

Rokubi 16ck
FNK Shodai 30ck
FNK Nidaime 30ck
Hidan Kage 34ck
FNJ Itachi 20ck
Hidan 20ck
Starter Jounin 0ck


The idea behind this "unique" build would be to maximize the much needed Endurance to Tank hits on WM. The added + and - Stamina would be equal to +6 Stamina per summon level. This would ultimately make misslotting penalties null. I beleive that at a high level, the amount of attack you save through Endurance reducing your penalty, is enough to warrant a summon not giving a more direct attack increase. A 30% penalty, which grows with each hit, is going to add up to more than any amount of Nin, Tai, or Attack that can be given by 40ck summons.

Will someone bash this team and tell me if i am crazy or not?

If this does not work out I will consider this lineup for Forbidden:

Gama 20ck
FNK Shodai HS 30ck
FNJ Itachi HS 20ck
Hidan HS 20ck
FNK Nidaime HS 30ck
Kinkaku HS 16ck
Starter Jounin HS 0ck


Beat Kyuubi - Gain 10ck

Camp With:

Gedou Mazou 34ck
FNK Shodai 30ck
FNK Nidaime 30ck
FNJ Itachi 20ck
Hidan 20ck
Kinkaku 16ck
Starter Jounin 0ck


Any and all feedback welcome! Please share.

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I think the Gama one looks the best
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Default second

I think the second one is much better for camping
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