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Default Reputation Rules and Claim Thread

Urgh work in progress... half of the forum is broken (Admin side that is) still working out the quinks
To claim for a Reputation boost you will have to show proof.
There are many ways to show needed proof.

1) through an image
2) Your team Shows it
3) Your Forum account shows it
4) A link to said proof of claim
5) Need to think of more ideas.... Oh Shi-

There are many Ranks to achieve in this new System!
However a nice Addition to this is that Myself Aenonar and Mitoru thought of that you choose which way you want to go?

If you choose the Dark side you will get a Red bar and a foreboding sense of being Evil and stuff...

If you choose the Path of a hero people will look upon you and will revere you're good-ness...Fan-girls not included

Anyway, sine this is new and still highly editable not everything has been thought of yet so if you can think of new things to claim, then post it to me or one of the other guys with pretty colours next to their Avy ;)

In Game Achievements

Finish Beginner
Finish Easy
Finish Medium
Finish Hard
Finish Extreme
Finish Impossible
Finish Forbidden
Achieve (and have equipped as proof) 5 Beginner-Medium LW's
Achieve (and have equipped as proof) 5 Hard-Impossible LW's
Achieve (and have equipped as proof) 5 Forbidden Lw's
Get Ragnarok
A Full FN Team (no Mis-slots)
10000 Team XP
20000 Team XP
50000 Team XP
100000 Team XP
Ninja Level over 100 (Stackable)
Summon Level over 75
Own a Custom Lw (Stackable)

(More to be added soon)

Forum Achievements

10 Posts
100 Posts
250 Posts
500 Posts
1000 Posts
2500 Posts
5000 Posts
7500 Posts
10000 Posts
Join a clan
Have a popular thread (over 200 posts and 5000 views)
50 Friends
200 Friends
500 Friends
1000 Friends
Popular suggestion (Something that gets alot of love and attention, also helps if stuck in the Threads to be given another glance..thread)
Get a Referral (Stackable)
(More to be added soon)

Fun Achivements

Win the Last Post Thread
Claim a Waifu
Claim a Bro
Add to your Harem
Achieve a 10/10 for both Sig and Avy in Rate the Sig Above
(More to be added soon)
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