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Exclamation Chakra / Crystal / Rank Guide

Keeping it simple. The guide shows how much chakra you'll have after beating certain places / crystals.

Chakra without Chakra+ upgrade

Chakra with Chakra+ upgrade

Start = You start with this amount of chakra
Intro = This is the amount of chakra you'll have after the introduction missions, such as rain country, learning how to challenge other teams and sneak attacking / defending.

1-9 refers to the crystals which you can see to the left of your ryo / team name etc. And to further clarify them:

1st = Orange rank (Water country)
2nd = Orange rank (1st multi-choice country)
3rd = Silver rank (2nd multi-choice country)
4th = Silver rank (3rd multi-choice country)
5th = Gold rank (4th multi-choice country)
6th = Gold rank (5th and last multi-choice country, FN's are now recruitable)

7-8 = Red Fox rank, Karakura castle, you get two crystals in there.
9th = Red Fox rank, Akatsuki Temple, the final crystal before the final boss

Purple Fox = After Otherworld. This chakra limit is only interesting for campers, most will just reset once they reach it, especially on higher difficulties.

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