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I couldn't find any info on this so maybe u guys can help me.
I'm on hard mode atm, and i know that if u finish difficulty level the specific LW's for that difficulty level will be available next time u restart in lower difficulties.

My question is...after i finish hard mode and restart to beginner to farm some LW, when i finish beginner how many LW's will i be able to carry with me? and what happens with the existing LW's that i have brought from
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You will be able to bring 4 lws always when you have cleared hard mode. Doesn't matter that you go via beginner. So just bring the four ones you want to beginner and when you go to extreme you bring the four you want with you on that mode :)

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All Questions & Answers about Legendary Weapons & Item Find Guess where you could have found your answer.. And where this question should have been asked had it not already been answered in that thread...

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