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Default HunterxHunter 2011

HunterxHunter used to be very popular until Togashi started to take one hiatus after another. Few people continued to read the manga because of the long breaks but mainly because the chapters beyond the anime were only sketches.

The new animation produced by MH already started with the Cimera Ant arc (which a lot of people gave up on reading). In my opinion it's one of the best arcs I've ever read and I'm expecting big things from the animation.

To anyone who used to watch/read HxH, I'm really recommending to pick up watching it as you'll most probably enjoy it.

As for the ones who already are watching the 2011 version and have started the Chimera Ant arc, feel free to give your opinions and discuss it here.

P.S. To the people who already read the manga, please avoid giving away spoilers or use spoiler tags.
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I find HxH to be the best anime running atm. It has a really dark atmosphere to it that I didn't expect from HxH, haven't read manga either so.
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The guys is actually like a legend lol he is an editor for jump now and I think is based on one the otter 13 artist from bakuman :D

Also the first to be serialized with sketches if anything the guys considered a big balls in the manga industry :P

But ya, Hunter hunter rocks

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