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Default Ninja Inventory Visible?

I used the searchoption and could not find that this idea has been suggested before. Hence, my apologies if it has been suggested already.

I played the original ninjamanager a few years ago and there is one thing I am missing. The ninja inventory that could be seen by everyone. Not the ninja's levels though, of course. I do not think it is a neccesary function however I believe it is fun to have and adds more to the game or it can be useful for those who want to show off with their forbidden ninjas collection.

How it works: You click on a teamlink and you see the team in use, what weapons and abilities they got. I thought that below those there could be just the pictures of the ninjas and summons they got in their inventory.

Picture example how it was:
Picture example where it can be placed:

Any comments?
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i suggested this o long time ago, and as u can see, ppl doesent like it
i personally think it would be great
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i dont like it
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we all know that Sparhawk has the most lws...
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