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Default Halve Forbiden Ninjas chakra

I think then it will be best if we can halve our Forbiden Ninjas chakra

example: FNG itachi 10 chakra we will pay 600 roys and it will costs 5 chakra

FNJ minato 20 to 10 for 800 roys

FNK naruto 30 to 15 for 1000 roys

what did you think ?

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FN's are already very strong.Halving their chakra will make things much more easy
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They already have WAAAY TOO LOW chakra compared to their growth rate and you'd still want to halve it. Amazing.
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Forbidden ninjas are allready halved when you get then.
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jp, all your suggestions are crap till now, seriously no offense. All of them are about making the game a LOT easier. Think about it before posting it.

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no. serusly.... you 5+5+5= 15ck thats like a 360 genin -.- and they have the same growth
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Dude? No!!!!

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Why guys?Maybe if the roy's are more? :P

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Definitely no :(

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