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Default More exp on Bijuu Cavern

When our Team beat level 1 Bijuu get a lot of experience, right? What can you say that at each next level every ninja get 50 more experience? That is:

Lvl 1: 50
Lvl 2: 100
Lvl 3: 150

5 exp for beating lvl 3 Hachibi is funny...

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The other levels don't give so much XP is because most of them have LWs unlike level 1s.


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And as said the last time someone made a thread about this... The game code doesn't allow the others to have different amounts of xp rewarded. Though it's really not necessary in the first place..

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though, it would be nice to feel rewarded when I beat the hachibi lv 3 on a whim...

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it is sorta demoralizing to beat the higher LV's of bijuu cavern and get next to no XP gain at all .. im not saying that harder diffs should get more and more XP .. but maybe increase the reward a bit.. i mean you are completing a LV for the first time why the hell shouldnt we get rewarded.. even if its not XP a bit of Ryo wont go amiss.. im not saying like OMG 100 RYO PER WIN , maybe something like 5-10
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I agree with Dragon, an incentive for teams to still beat these higher level Bijuu's who arent LW hunting would be nice.

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