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Originally Posted by tihoa View Post
being immortal isn't always an advantage. even if you're immortal, it won't save your body from poison that completely paralyzes you the point that you can't move. either that or they can just tie you to a tree or something.
hmm while i agree with you here that is true any one with half a braincell would think of chopping off limbs and hide them and different locations around the world but i dont think poison will work on the revived ninja since if they can survive being dismembered then even if the sacrifices body is paralyzed they might still survive and move around freely although it would be ironic if sasori died by the poison his puppet body possesses.

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Originally Posted by datauven View Post
Or the ever so popular "dig a huge hole in the ground and blow the body into smiterines" ^^
Talking about that,where the fuck is hidan?He wasnt ressurected with other akatsuki guys which means he is still alive.Is he still down there? Oo
I want him to get back,he is awsome psycho <3
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i'm pretty sure hidan's head is still alive which is why he wasn't ressurected
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