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Konan Madness
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2 of 3 absolute favourite characters go head on :( May none of them die^^

Stupid Kishi, you should have gotten rid of Gai :(
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i rekon konans gona put up a fight then suddenly you see madera do some OTT move then konan will retreat to naruto or konoha or somethink and then die in his/their arms
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Am I the only one who find it a bit weird that Gai at first didn't feel fatigued at all after opening 7 gates, then, all of a sudden, he gets tired? Shouldn't the weariness kick in as soon as he "deactivates" the gates? No matter how skilled he is, I have a hard time believing his body is strong enough to pull that off. Most likely Kishi just fucked it up, so that Gai would be able to remember Kisame's name, instead of lying in a semi-coma.
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Gai is probably epic enough to not pass out the way Lee tends to, but yeah, he should have been panting to death, if nothing at else, especially since he not only activated the seals, but released such a powerful technique.

But ah well.

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Originally Posted by Koffe95 View Post
well almost everyone knew that kisame would die, but its still sad :/

What I didnt get was that madara called Konan Nagato? Is Konan really nagato ? :o
Nice chapter I think, I really like the way Itachi is in person :)
I think he was just saying that because after he said the "Rinnegan", he paused then said... "Nagato". He wanted to know where she hid Nagato.. >.<
I read it, not even noticing how someone could mistake that for a typo.. D:

Does anyone understand what I'm saying? xP
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i think that konan is nagato .. :D
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