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Default Naruto and (Historical) Ninjas Venn Diagram

Hello, This is going to be a Thread where we find the similarities and differences between ninjas in the Naruto Franchise and ninjas in real life/historical accounts.

well, I may have already explain the basic guise of a Venn diagram above, but a prior familiarity with Venn diagram should help you understand the direction of this thread.

I don't really watch Naruto alot, so I probably don't know much of the fine details. I intent for this thread to be a light-hearted discussion, not a hardcore debate, so keep things calm. I do believe that Naruto does take some inspiration from Historical Ninjas, but I wouldn't be surprised if some "proclaimed" (either by the company or misinformed fans) ninja stuff is an original Naruto concept.

Naruto Ninjas wear more brighter color (Nothing's stealthier than Orange).
Both Ninjas use Shurikens.
Historical Ninjas wear Black (at least that's the popular conception).

Please, if you are going to mention a spoiler, keep it in a spoiler/hidden tag (unless the forum rule/mod say otherwise (first time I posted in the Naruto section, not an excuse though)).

I hope you have fun!
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historical ninjas wore brown (blends into nature well) or red (to cover blood stains so they appear unkillable) or just regular peasant clothes to blend in.

Black is a generally bad color as you don't find black in nature. It only works in pitch black darkness but even then other colors are better when you happen to get into light.

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At This point i dont even consider Naruto characters ninja's and just think that as an excuse for there agility, weapons, and use of elemental jutsu, *chuckles* same with Soul reapers in bleach. When was the last time we saw them send a soul to soul socierty outside of filler? I aint that good at One Piece, but they sure dont act like pirate i have ever heard of minus riding on a ship, and Wizards in Fairy Tail is just an excuse so they can use magic. *chuckles.

But yeah there is a lot of of historical stuff in it. For example, i bet you didnt know that Hiruzen Sarutobi's (third Hokage) father was named Sasuke Sarutobi, a man in real life who was a member of the Sanada Ten Braves, a group of ninja that served under daimyō Yukimura Sanada during Japan's Warring States period. And the Naruto version of this character is who Sasuke Uchiha is named after out of the hopes he would become as strong and respected as he was. *Grins foxily.*

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