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Default Akatsuki Ladder Reward Bug

Hello Guys

I have a small problem with rewards from yesterday ladder:
Thats my rewards
Got 30 ryo from 2nd place in Ideal ShinobiGot Broken Shuriken from 2nd place in The Hard-workerGot 16 ryo from 3rd place in The SurvivorGot Broken Kunai from 2nd place in Heavy HitterGot 100 Team XP from 2nd place in Best Loser

I win broken shurkien and broken kunai but I dont have any broken kunai in my inventory
It's second time when this happend so i think is kinda bug

Here is link for my team

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This has been happening for a long time. Sometimes you receive extra Ryo instead, other times I have received different (and actually better) items.
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