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Wink New Stat Points and Team Upgrades

Ok, so for a while now I've been thinking about some things in the game that could be added to make it more interesting and fun, so now I decided to share my thoughts with all of you :D

New Team Upgrades
Since the team upgrades currently available have gotten a little stale, I thought some more could be added, with the same system as the old ones, just with different effects.

Item Hunter (new version)
A team upgrade that would add some IF to your team automaticaly (not a lot, max. 100 or less, so the players could get some more IF, and keep it even after reset, like C+, AA and the others. That way some of the ONE LWs would be a little easier to find.

Other types of upgrades like item hunter, that would give your team certain SMALL boosts that maybe just help you get that edge in the beginning of the game (WM), like a small stamina boost, resistance boost, or other stats. Definately an upgrade that gives Ryo %, even just a little, like 10% or something that would help people get ryo a little faster for a fair upgrade price, ect.

Re-worked Stat Points
Currently Stat Points don't realy live up to their name, since you can't upgrade all the stats with them, just nin and tai, which is a waste, so I thought it would be fun to play with the idea to change that.
The 10 stat points you get when you buy the stat points, could be spent on any particular skill, like stamina, ressistance, immunity, lvl5 death, reroll, critical damage, ect.
I know what you're all thinking. owerpowered. But that could be solved by increasing the cost of different stats to upgrade like:

1 Nin = 1
1 Tai = 1
1 Sta = 2
1 Res = 2
1% Crit Chance = 5
1% Crit Damage = 2
1% Reroll = 2
1% Lv Death = 4
0,5 Nin imm = 10
0,5 Tai Imm = 10 (the same with negative tai and nin imm.)

(these costs are just examples, the actuall cost could be the same as when making a custom LW, only with SP you have 10 points to distribute)

That way it would bring more diversity into teams and make more options for your team, and since it gets more and more expensive to buy the SP every time you buy them, it would be almost impossible to abuse this.

This is everything for now, I apologize for the typos and grammar fails. If I wasn't clear enough on some parts ask me and I'll try to explain better. Tell me your oppininon ;)

Energy Cap Increace
A team upgrade that increases your max energy for a certain ammount, I forgot the current max amounts for each energy (arena, world, naruto), but this could be a small cap increase for 1 energy, or a smaller increase for all abilities, but you would be able to get it multiple times (not the same one. like the inventory upgrade). That way you could stock up on these upgrades and if you can't get to a pc everyday to spend your energy, it won't go to waste.

P.S. I've posted this thread a few years back, but it was kinda' overlooked, so this time I changed some of it and posted the new version again (mods pls don't kill me :* )

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