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Question Re-occurring lost of connection

Recently there has a repeating lost of connection at about a 10-20 min intervals. I lose all internet connection, logged out of xbox live. My router is "Loudhorse" i don't know alot of the specifications on it though. I do know that if you have family using netflix alot, it can mess up the connection. After checking the status of the connection, we as a whole were sending about 700million bytes and receiving about 2.5 billion (over the course of 7 days). most of this receiving is from netflix. Is there a way to reduce the chances of this happening anymore?

Thanks in advance :)
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use netflix less and other things that stream/download :p
They basically screw up with live connections really badly, youll find that since your family use alot of your bandwidth your supplier has limited you to a certain amount, thats whats screwing with your live account, what you need to do it tell your family to lay of it everynow and again
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