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Default *** Guidelines (Read this before posting) ***

Remember to link to your team when asking for help in this forum. Otherwise, we have to do a lot of guessing.

Where can I find a link to my team?
Click your team name (the name in yellow below the energy bars in the upper blue area) and then take a look at the address bar. Copy the link and paste it in your post along with other info you might feel necessary.

Example of link:
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I'm adding an important note to this.

If you have ANY future plans of your own for your team when you ask for help, please include and describe them in your post. This is so that anyone helping you can take your plans into consideration, or evaluate them and give you feedback on them.

Another note:
Train Your Team
(AKA leveling up)

You cannot expect to through this game in one short run, you'll need to take breaks in your World Map advancement to improve your team at times. Simply put, just because you can't get past the next mission doesn't necessarily mean there's something seriously wrong with your team.

Thank you.

Weinmers Landing, currently Impossible

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