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Default What Kage and summon should i get ?

I will soon be able to get my FNG(Hinata).
But i would like to know who should i buy for Kage and summon
Any advice ??
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your on beginner so you can use any kage for your team. how about deidara or hidan
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Kage LS or HS?
anyway Beginner has no Chakra can buy what you want.

buy Itachi kage so you can choose if LS or HS for him.

about summon, IMO keep Ryo Bird and go on till end.
you can beat Kyuubi even with a non-battle summon.
need just some lvs more for your ninja.

and when you beat Beginner...sell Genins, buy Kono Trio and their 800/200/50 abilities, hunt Luna Sword and arrive at 15000 ryo, then buy Auto Accept ;)

a bit long to say and to do, but then Easy and + will be easier with AA :D

and lazy
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