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Default Deidara or another 350genin?

So, i have 36 chakra free atm, and my setup is > <
If i buy a 350 genin, ill go with him or her untill i get a forbiden nin. If i buy Deidei ill stick with him the whole game, the problem here is, won't it be a tad difficult to beat a forb ninja with only 2 genins, ill move my Kimi to the kage spot so i can deal 50 extra dmg, but still.

If i buy a 350 genin of 40% sale, i won't lose that much ryo, since i can sell him for a nice penny later.

So, Deidara or a 40% of 350 genin?

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It's pretty easy to beat forbidden genins as long as you have 2-3 ninjas with elemental advantage, preferably your best ninjas. Elemental disadvantage pretty much means instant loss for that ninja. It's probably too hard to beat them before you can actually get them (after Akatsuki countries) but after that it's not that hard.

If you can get 40% off that sounds like a good choice. But leveling a jounin early is on good too. The 350 genins are about to get a boost too.
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