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Arrow low seal end game team guide for beginner with example.

First of all,I just want to make it clear you don't have to pick the same ninjas i'll take those as an example.

1.For low seal we need a great ninjutsu growth starter and the best for this job is Gaara.(others can be Tayuya,Shikamaru,Ino,Shino,Kin,).

2.Now you would get Yashamaru as your starter Jounin.In the World Map section you'll see Rain Country but don't go there until you buy Temari and Kankuro from Hidden Sand-Ninja Recruitment.The reason is simple they have a combo with Gaara and combos are very helpful at the start of the game.

3.After this you'll have no problem completing the Rain Country.Then you would make the introduction missions,sneak and defend and meet team Naruto.

4.Now you've unlocked the Water Country,don't buy any ninjas,items or abilities yet save ryo cuz you'll need it later.To beat this country you just have to sneak attack until your ninjas are atleast lvl 6.

5.Sneak attack with team Naruto as well but not too much because if you train them to hard they are going to become very hard to beat in the end so let's say max lvl 5 for them.

6.We came to the Battle Arena on world map(don't confuse it with Battle Arena for challenges).To finish this mission your ninjas should be atleast lvl 8.
Meanwhile train team naruto aswell to lvl 6.(around those lvls not exactly).

7.YOUR 350 GENIN(genin that costs 350 ryo).After the battle arena you unlock those genins which will cost more or less depending on which village you are in.For example I'll pick since i do a low seal team a ninjutsu type genin and the best is Orochimaru Disguised with seal 1 and best nin growth(other:Shikamaru,Shino,Ino,Sakura,Sasuke).Bu y one and halve their chakra.

8.Before first country your team should look like this:
Gaara-Oro D-Temari-Yashamaru--Kankuro(Kage slot),and lvls around these in order:10-6-9-10--8.

9.FIRST COUNTRY(I strongly suggest Wind,youll see why).Your team chakra will be 30/50.(if you halve your genins chakra cost which i encourage you to do).With those lvls you will finish this country easily.Now it's time to make some ryo using defending village till you have 450.Then buy Mechanical Bird halve her chakra cost and put her in the summon slot.

10.Now you'll have 38/60 chakra whick leaves you 22 chakra open which is perfect to fit in your first Akatsuki Jounin.Since you unlocked Deidara and Sasori will pick the junior Deidara for his low seal and great nin growth.Defend until you have enough ryo to buy him and halve his chakra cost he'll cost more due the tax fee cuz like Oro D he's from Neo Sound.

11.SECOND COUNTRY.Your chakra 56/60.Team setup:
Gaara-Oro D-Temari-Deidara-Yashamaru-Kankurou-Mech Bird.Lvls:
12-10-11-6-12-9-4.It really doesn't matter what country you choose so let's say Fire Country.You should be able to finish it with these lvls.

12.THIRD COUNTRY.Chakra 56/70,which means you can't afford a 2nd jounin before doing this mission so you'll just have to sneak attack till you have around those lvls:14-12-13-10-14-9-6.After this you can transmigrate your starter it will cost 8 chakra but is worth it.

13.4TH COUNTRY.64/80.You can't get a 2nd jounin yet so just keep lvl up:

14.FINAL COUNTRY.64/90.Finally you have enough to buy 2nd Jounin let's say Itachi great nin growth mid seal but you can get him low in time.Defend,buy halve his chakra.Sell Kankuro aroung lvl 10 you receive around 50 ryo which is good you spent on him 75(buy+halve).Now you'll have 82/90 chakra,Line Up:
Gaara TN-Oro D-Temari-Deidara-Itachi-Yashamaru-Mech Bird.Lvls:

15.FORBIDDEN NINJA.After the final country you can get a fn.So go to game guides-forbidden ninjas choose one and look where you must go and defeat him.I choose Itachi(Oro,Gaara,Sasori,Haku).Now replace Temari with him and sell her you should get your money spent on her around lvl 15.

16.Karakura Castle.Before this buy all 400 abilities for your ninjas except Yashamaru.You have Mech Bird pretty lvled up so it will be quick.Your chakra will be:86/100,setup:Gaara TN-Oro D-Itachi FN-Deidara-Itachi-Yashamaru-M.B.lvls:16-19-8-19-12-12.(aproximatively).

17.Akatsuki Temple.Before this you'll have 86/120,which is enough to get a Kage.I'll choose Chiyo which is the best with this setup.Defend,buy,halve then buy her 400 ability.Replace Yashamaru with her.Then buy the 800 abilities for all your ninjas.Chakra:114/120.Lvls:18-21-12-21-16-6-14.

18.Before Otherworld which is the final mission get 3 fresh soldier pills for 2xItachi and Chiyo and 3 robust nunchakus for the rest.These are 500 items which you can find on bijuu island as well as the 800 abilities.Complete this zone until the long lost dragon mission after that you'll unlock the spirit dragon.Then defend,buy,halve him and replace Mech Bird with him but don't sell Mech Bird.

19.Now for the rest of missions you should just sneak attack to lvl up your ninjas to atleast lvl 23,kage 17,summon 8.Keep trying and you should be able to complete the game.

20.After completing the game you should get Auto Accept from team upgrades and Chakra + as well,they cost alot but don't worry just put back Mech Bird in your team and lvl up till you have enough ryo.Then if you want camp and go item hunt you should atleast hunt for those important ones like Luna Sword and Tornado Edge,etc.See more on item hunting topic.Then you can reset to easy or back to beginner to have 2 FN before easy or you can camp and try to become Kage of your village.Good Luck!

P.S.:Is just a guide,i'm trying to help this is not the only way,you can do things much different but this is a certain way to beat the game without energy and ryo wasting and pretty fast,thank you!
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