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Default Hello! And goodbye ;>

Hello, I am Nowherefast. It is with a level of certain irony that I finally get around to writing my intro thread when I am trying my best to leave forever. Regardless, what time like the present to do this? I will be resetting my main/alt after todayís kage challenge is completed in approximately 4 hours. Why? Because I am tired and old, thatís why! My expiration date for games has long since passed, but I suppose a shorty history is in order. I first found this game from another forum when I clicked on the team link and this was back in May 2010. I can say with a high level of shame that I admit that I have logged on every day since that time; rain or shine, sickness or stupidity, or anything much else and maxed ladder rewards for 48 months running. I joined Black and White where I met helpful folks such as Firehydrant, Flik, Vince, Anthony, Nebu, Dartz, Set, Mendez, among many others. I learned how to not fail at the game as much while I was there and managed to even get my 1st custom lw back in the 4th event. Anyways, after I reached FM I decided to look into a fairly new clan named Onmyodo, which seemed like a good fit for me for a myriad number of reasons. Lo and behold, I quickly got to know my best friend on NM who quickly persuaded me to join the clan. Grey really helped me become better as a player in understanding Clan Wars and why LS Nin seemed to own me way too much. Putting that aside, I met people who I would get the pleasure of calling as clanmates such as Beni, Loki, Ryo, BunBun, Chi, Frozen, Devi, Bladi, Ein, and others. They really helped me in staying with the game and just being a sounding board for my inane ideas. Thanks to anson for listening to my constant whining during events and answering obnoxious questions in general. Also, a thanks to hsyeow for answering my game-related questions way back in the day. It was exciting to go up against Sparhawk, Xagashi, Eugen, Carli, Anbu, Scorpia, Tipp, Dmr, and many others. Sorry if I forgot anyone haha, my memory isnít as good as it used to be. For those of you who are left here I wish you the best, regardless of what you do in the future. I arrived after the gameís activity declined, but I would be lying if I didnít say I had fun. It really is that simple and that is why I can say that I leave with no regrets.
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Well a really big thank you for everything that you acomplished in NM.You will be remembered as a truly unique player.
Have fun with your RL nowhere.

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Thank you for everything you have done for NM and ONM. I bet Udon is pleased with your departure, it means players have a chance at getting 1st place in the events again haha. Don't be a stranger to Skype buddy, it'd be great to keep in contact with you man :)

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ONM FrozenHeaven

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This is so not happening nowhere :( ... i have read your post like 5-10 times and i still can't believe that you're leaving this game.. It's been nice working with you even though we're not in the same clan.. Truthfully, i have always dreamt to join ONM one day when i become a pro, but it seems like it will never happen.. oh well right? I've made my own clan anyway :) To be truthful, i've always admired both your teams and how you progress.. I mean, look at all those customs you have!! Good luck with your real life and do visit us soon, at least on the chat :P I hope i'l still be there the day you visit us again..!!
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pleasure knowing you man
Do visit the chat often
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See you Nowhere :3
Didn't know you that well, but i knew enough to respect you :3

good luck with real life xD
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Too bad I was too faar behind to ever have a chance to catch up.

Gl in whatever you take on in life

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bye bye
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