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Default Hello and Goodbye (ripping off NHF, Ik)

Heya guys, so yah,I've finally decided to put down my kunai and retire from my pretty long (and fun) nm career. To all those that've known me over the years and are still around: it's been great fun knowing you guys and playing ninja together! I won't start mentioning names as it'd take forever... Best of luck with your lives you basterds and know that I'll always love y'all .

Meh, feels like it's already gotten too long so I'll stop right here...

Bye guys, take care ;)

PS: some nm eye pr0n for the fans:

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Gl in your RL man, il be expecting updates from you every now and then bout how things are going :) and yeah its probably time for most of us "oldies" to retire soon.

good bye :x IL MISS YOU alot :x

- Dasake
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Blad sad, very very sad...
But well, if you gotta move on, can't rly stop ya :(

Kinda wish you at least left some cookies as a farewell gift, but oh well...
GL in whatever you're up to next *blush*
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What? :(

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Q.q why?? Q.q
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Wait what? Come back for NM 2 :c
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Ya' know you could still visit the forums every once in a while.
Best of luck, you were fun to chat with back when I was still playing NM a few years ago. Come back for NM 2.0!

See you around.
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Whaaa... ciao bro Gl in Rl. Been a honour knowing you bro xD
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srsly..? just das ago you were talking summons and stuff. And what pisses me off is that you couldnt wait few months when we would quit all together...

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Why does everyone who quits have to be so extreme.... At least leave the rest of us the possibility of beating your team up.

Glhf tho

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Originally Posted by Seglarkungen View Post
Why does everyone who quits have to be so extreme.... At least leave the rest of us the possibility of beating your team up.

Glhf tho
Apologies if I upset you in any way. Though that was the point, kinda. Camping just got so boring... with the exception of hoping that Bun would ever use his strong lineup, Tippsy making a comeback, or Scorp participating in a couple of the coming events, there wouldn't have ever been a real challenge for me anymore (even if I'd let my team untouched for like a year, there'd still be no one that'd get past 3 of my fnks, let alone beat me up). So I felt like I'd accomplished all I could with a camping team and couldn't take it anymore :p

Now, it seems like I still like the game well enough to stick around for a bit (not nearly as active as I used to but still). Won't log in daily, but will try new cool stuff whenever I've got some time in hand. Stuff that I never got to enjoy during my years of camping (like doing some reruns to collect fngs I like, trying to do some Aeno stuff clearing the game with a lvl 1 team, trying out crazy lineups etc...).

So yah, sorry again. But it seems like you yourself will get bored of camping pretty quickly soon enough if Bun doesn't take the title from you, as there aren't really any teams up north atm (or will ever be with the time nm's got left) that could put up a decent fight. Enjoy camping while it's fun I'd say ;)
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Retirement rejected, Eugen will stay here forever and ever.

Rawr. Me smash you die.
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