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Low seal, for real
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Default Makido! Well...that's me:o

I was noticing we had a few introductions so I might as well add my own

Well, I'm Makido. I like to talk a lot (Which in the case of this forum turns into a lot of text;)), and I love playing with numbers. Not like Minaro though, because seriously, no one can ever catch up to him.

I have been a member on 9tails for a fairly long time and I've been following the making of this new game ever since it was just talk on the forum there;o So yeah, that's how I ended up playing.

I'm currently gathering up my experiences with low seal from both betas and the current game into what you could call a guide for low seal teams. I will post it on the forum sometime in the future.

So yeah, that's pretty much it...

And yeah! I'm soon 20 years old and live in Sweden;)

I'll see you guys around.

Now I need to take a nap...
"Some people think they know. Smart people know they think"

Ninjamanager team

Catfurcoat = Makido.
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