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Default Confirm Code Question

If I haven't confirmed the activation code can I still be challenged?
Thank you~

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Think so,
I remember see-ing somewhere that as long as you put it in the first time you signed in, you dont need to put it in again to get challenged
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When you get the activity code you're removed from the active teams list

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Originally Posted by Aenonar View Post
When you get the activity code you're removed from the active teams list
Not always though, I have gotten challanges while not having entered the activity code BUT one thing is for sure and that is that if you don't enter the activity code fast enough you will be logged out automatically. Has happened to me a couple of times when playing from phone. Fast enough beeing a couple of minutes in this case (don't know how many).

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From my experince .When u open ur browse even if u don't put the activity u can still be challenged.Only first time though.

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i agree with anbu cause ill sign on my event team not enter the activation code sense i beate event. i go to check the winner list and sigb off. next day i notice i was challenged about 5 tines in that 1 minute i was on without an activation code used

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