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Default Improving my Event/Beginner Team

Hey guys,

I came back to this nice game because I wanted to play NM once more and with more seriousness after leaving for nearly 4 years.

So, to get to the point (Teams are shown in my signature):
1. Should I start Item Hunting in Beginner Mode?
2. Which team would be a perfect fit for that?
3. What can I do to complete other countries with my low seal team? (got 4 crystals and River/Lightning Country next)
4. Which Ninja should I try to recruit next for my team? (Got Temari, Kankuro and Yashimaru in inventory)

5. Is my Event Team good enough to get through this Event?
6. Which Ninja should I recruit next? (Got Asuma in inventory)

Thank you for your help!

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