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Default bleach 485

must not fwap
HARRIBEL !!!!!!!

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i'm surprised that someone like nel can just warp into the human world just like that. you think that would raise some alarms considering she is still an arrancar. at least we know that those guys took over hueco mundo. it would be nice if we were told what their plan was at least
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this is my reaction to this chapter

WTF did a good guy just die in bleach

WTF the new main baddie killed two newly introduced charecters

YAY nel is back and apparently safe

HOLY SHIT haribel is alive and held against her will

seriously that last part broke my heart a little hopefully we dont see grimjow (assuming he is still alive) in the same situation or i may accualy cry because my fav espada are in such a sorry and humiliating state

and to tihoa maybe she did set off some alarms we did only see her for 2 or 3 pages not enough time for anyone else to show up especially since rukia is probably the only one there or maybe she got there through whatever means this new group uses so no one knows she is there at all

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the new bad guys are ok, just was not expecting to see hel and haribel come back but the manga is getting interesting
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